Valet Apartments

About Us

Valet Apartments Welcomes You

On behalf of the entire Valet Apartments team, we would like to welcome you to London. We hope you recognise our warmth and passion for excellence whenever you deal with us and enjoy one of our properties.

Our Company

Valet Apartments is one of the leading premium accommodation providers in London. With a variety of apartments located in different areas of the city, capable of satisfying any budget or taste; we are here to help you choose the best one to suit your needs.

Valet Apartments was established in 2015 and has since expanded its reach, welcoming guests from all over the world in our properties. We offer apartments in premium locations with access to all major points of interest.


  1. A diverse set of properties across London, catering to different budgets and locations
  2. A premium business class experience in all our properties
  3. All the amenities from a home away for home and weekly cleaning as standard
  4. Cost effective solutions as we are able to provide twin bed rooms and host several different people in a single unit
  5. Unlimited WiFi provided in every apartment

Why Choose Us

Trust: A long-established, mature, reputable operator. We look after our clients and keep our properties at their best with a dedicated maintenance and operations team

Simplicity: A single point of contact managing your accommodation requirements in various locations across London

Value: We can offer accommodation directly to you, and avoid using expensive online and traditional agencies, passing on the cost savings directly to you

Experience: A deep team with experience, to ensure a satisfactory stay

Please contact us to discuss how we can find the best solution for you, whether as a private tenant or as a corporate client.